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  • レーザ加工機用水冷却器

    チラーは、50W、75W、100Wのレーザーマーカー用に設計されています。コンパクトなデザイン、インストールと操作に便利です; 2。すべての冷蔵コンポーネントは、国際的なブランド、水のtemです...

  • 赤信号インジケータ


FEATURE of Laser Marking Software

Support CO2,YAG,IPG_YLP,SPI Green laser,adjusting currents,frequency,duty ratio in software

Password control prevents parameters being changed unauthorized

Two ways for laser calibration: built-in trapezoid calibration,parallelogram calibration and barrel-shape calibration,and proprietary calibration software that can provide exact result

Support two extended axis:support rotary marking and double axis mosaic marking

Mark-On-Fly [Optional]

Support separate red light indication

Powerful IO control functions

256 layers marking paremeters

Multi-lingual supporting,localizing with ease.

Provide SDK to customize special software

Complete hatch functions:ring-like hatch,the free angle hatch,interseting hatch with margins adjustable,Support 3 levels hatch and Each level can be set separating parameters

Powerful variable-text functions;fixed text,date,time,series number,keyboard,file list,COM and network communication,dynamic Files,EXCEL and txt file,and any customized database file image marking;perfect effect close to that of digital camera

Supporting documents in the formats of PLT,DXF,AI,DST,BMP,JPG,GIF,TGA,PNG,TIF,TIFF and so on

Supporting common barcode like Code39,EAN,PDF417,DATAMATRIX,etc

Powerful text inputting function,Supports TruType,JSF(JCZ Single Font),DMF(Dot Matrix Font)and user-defined font htypes

Suppport variable file while marking text and picture(The file name is changeless but contects will be changed in marking)

Powerful edit functions:free curve text;free graph drawing/editing,Combined/Uncombined,group/Ungroup,Undo/Redo,welding,intersecting,fitting,and so on

Detailed instruction manual,vivid training textbook,powerful technical support

Support 2 board being controlled by one PC

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